FATA Environment Cell – Project updates

For improving water governance and raising awareness, IUCN has engaged the consultants to conduct following studies:

  • Capacity needs assessment and training needs assessment for Integrated River Basin Management in FATA .
  • Developing guidelines and Adaptation Mechanism for Environmental Assessment of Projects and Programmes at Basin and Sub-basin level with specific emphasis on Water Governance in FATA.
  • Develop Handbook / Manual for environmental water protection and sustainability in implementing water development and management projects at the Agency level for use by FATA Secretariat staff and line departments.

These studies will define the project cycle and course of action which could serve as a reference for all future work taking place in the field of water resource management. This one time effort will lay a solid foundation for the study of a much neglected area of water resource conservation and management


Coupled with these studies, there is a string of activities, specially designed to encourage social participation. The activities particularly target the children and youth in order to embed the issue in their minds at a very young age.

Scheduled activities:

  • Activity book for young children
  • Branding of FATA Environment Cell
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Online presence of FATA Environment Cell
  • Posters
  • Multi-lingual Information Brochures on Water Conservation (English and Urdu).


Stated above was the plan outline for youth engagement, however that is not sufficient. To address the issue from sustainability perspective, it becomes essential to involve a variety of stakeholders, specially the policy makers. For this purpose we broaden the scope of our target audience and aim our awareness campaigns towards:

  1. KPK Government
  2. Civil Society Organizations
  3. Non-Governmental Organizations
  4. Academia
  5. Federal and Provincial Government representatives


Branding for FATA Environment Cell has already been initiated, which comprises of creating official material for the project comprising of letter heads, banners, posters, shields/ plaques etc.


DEVELOPMENT THROUGH Information and Communication Technologies

Social media and knowledge products:

FATA Environment Cell has Social Media presence on widely used platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc). A dedicated official Facebook page has been created which will be regularly updated in near future.

FATA Environment Cell website

The domain name selection and registration was completed during September 2016. Domain Name Server was pointed to the hosting servers that have replicated the addresses globally.

Drupal – an open source Web Content Management System (WCMS) has been installed and deployed for the website management , posting of articles, news, updates and job opportunities etc.