Celebration of International Forest Day 2018

The International Forest Day was celebrated on 21 March 2018 at Peshawar by IUCN Environment Cell, FATA along with the Forestry Sector of FATA to mark the world Forest day. An interactive and discussion session of the sectoral experts was arranged around the 2018 theme of the day “Forests and sustainable cities”.

During the session, expert opinions were brought in discussion, in the context of FATA, regarding importance of Forests in human life, Forests threats, issues and suggestions to mitigate threats to FATA forests. Conservation and development of FATA Forests was discussed in detail.

Representatives of the FATA Forests, Production and livelihood department and IUCN attended the session. Participants gave their viewpoints regarding role of Forests in various sectors;

  • Forests and Floods
  • Forests and Tourism
  • Forests and Pollution
  • Forests and Food Security
  • Forests and drought
  • Forests and pollution
  • Forests and erosion
  • Forests and urban settlements

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