Orientation Session on preparation of Environmental Profile and Environmental Policy for FATA


  • The Objectives of the session were to identify and highlight environmental issues in the brown and socio-economic sectors of FATA, to prioritize the issues, to create awareness about environmental issues in FATA and to collect data for preparation of the environmental profile and policy for FATA
  • Line Departments of Brown and Socio economic Sectors of FATA including Irrigation& Hydel power, Works and Services, Public Health Engineering, M&E, Health, Education, Social Welfare participated in the session.
  • Environmental Cell FATA facilitated the session by delivering presentations on the outlines of Environmental Profile, Federal Environmental Policy, EU Environmental Framework and list of indicators for inputs and discussion of the participants.
  • It was agreed in the session that the FATA line departments will provide all available data to Environment Cell, FATA for further utilization in the documents preparation.
  • The participants suggested that profile and environmental policy shall be developed holistically whereas implementation may be piloted in selected agencies.
  • The session was fully interactive and inputs of the participants incorporated in the FATA Environmental Profile and Policy outline developed by Environment Cell, FATA team.

Discussion Points:

  • Environmental issues in various sectors were discussed in detail which included Roads, communication, Health, education, minerals, water and sanitation, works and services etc
  • EU environmental framework was discussed. Drivers, pressure, state of environment, impacts on ecology and human economy was discussed and participant’s viewpoints were incorporated.
  • Participatory session by using flip cards/Zoab cards was conducted and participants gave their suggestions regarding the subject.

List of Participants:

S.No Designation Department
1 Agency Surgeon  Khyber Directorate of Health Services, FATA
2 Agency Surgeon  Bajaur Directorate of Health Services, FATA
3 Ast. Social Welfare Officer Directorate of Social welfare FATA
4 Assistant Engineer Irrigation & Hydel Power ,Khyber
5 Xen Irrigation Directorate of Irrigation, Khyber
6 Ast. Social Welfare Officer Khyber Directorate of Social welfare FATA
7 Director (Green) Directorate of M&E FATA
8 Water Management Officer Directorate of Irrigation  FATA
9 Water Management Officer Directorate of Irrigation FATA
10 Sub Engineer Directorate of Irrigation, FATA
11 Sub Divisional Officer Directorate of Irrigation, FATA
12 SO E,II AI&C Deptt. FATA Secretariat
13 Ast: Design Eng. FATA Works & Service
14 Pgram Officer Environment , Cell FATA
15 Team  leader Environment Cell, FATA
16 Environment , Specialist  Environment , Cell, FATA
17 Intern Environment Cell, FATA


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