Interactive session on World Water Day 2018

The IUCN Environment Cell, FATA in collaboration of the line departments of the FATA Secretariat organized an interactive session on World Water Day, around the 2018 theme of “Water and Nature” 22 March 2018 to mark the day as an internationally significant day. Representatives of FATA Forests Sector FATA, Agriculture Extension and Research Directorate, Irrigation Directorate, Fisheries Directorate, M&E Directorate, FAO and IUCN team participated in the session.
After presenting the global situation, facts and figures through visuals about the importance and issues of water wastage, the participants were asked to share their inputs highlighting the issues related to water in FATA and suggest possible solutions to overcome the issues in water sector. The participant’s inputs highlighted the issues of water correlated to various sectors are summarized below;

Floods and water

  • Catchment area treatment through plantations and soil conservation techniques
  • Baseline data collection and updating
  • Establishment of Metrological stations for all 23 rivers/streams of FATA
  • Early Warning System to be in place.
  • Land use planning/zoning for controlling encroachments
  • Seasonal Floods control

Drought and Water

  • Cultivation/development of drought resistance varieties
  • Introduction of Xerophytes
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Introduction of high efficiency irrigation systems
  • Control excessive depletion of underground water resources
  • SoPs development for solar energy schemes
  • Development of small dams for irrigation

Pollution and Water

  • Water Bodies pollution control through plantations, rangelands development, solid waste dumping control, awareness, control of hazardous materials flow into water bodies to protect fisheries, control of sewage wastes flow into rivers
  • Drinking water supply systems development through water storage devices provision and treatments

Food Security and Water

  • Damages caused to the irrigation systems in FATA due to War and Terror (Conflict) which needs to be rehabilitated to make efficient use of the water resources

Water quality

  • Intuitional capacity issues for water quality improvement

Urban settlements and water

  • Appropriate measures needed to ensure adequate and safe water access for urban settlements
  • Safe disposal for urban waste water
  • Awareness raising
  • Expansion of available water supply networks to remote settlement areas

Ecosystems and water

  • Use of ecosystem approaches for integrated river basin management
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Conceptual consultations
  • Strategy development
  • Conservation, policies for illicit hunting/fishing


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